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(703) 330-5540
12079 Cadet Court
Manassas, VA 20109

Tile & Stone

Through the flooring innovations of today, ceramic tile is not only more affordable, but is also easier to maintain. The options for color, patterns, sizes, shapes and design are infinite. With the many different stones we have available, you will be able to find just the right stone for your home and design needs.


Tips for Choosing YOUR Perfect Tile or Stone

  • What type of stone suits your taste?
  • There are four distinct types of stone: ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite. Each has its own unique look and characteristics! Finding the look that you like is a great place to start!
  • What type of stone best suits your lifestyle?
    • Each has its own unique characteristics that add to its beauty, strength, durability and maintenance requirements.

Glazed ceramic tile is easy to cleaning and resistant to stains, scratches, fire, fading and slipping. Unglazed floor tile (aka Natural Stone) is porous and needs to be maintained regularly. However, there is a special sealant that can be applied to prevent stains and the seepage of spills and general dirt into the pours of the stone.

Porcelain Tile is a type of ceramic that is made of very fine mixture of clays and minerals similar to fine china or high end dinnerware. It is highly stain and moisture resistant and easy to clean like ceramic, its density and hardness compared to other tiles makes it a perfect candidate for both residential and commercial applications.

Marble, granite and limestone are very popular stones today because they are naturally made and therefore individually unique. Since they can be extremely porous, they will need to be sealed.

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